Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Information overload

There's so much happening in the world, it's not funny. Ok, I work for a vertical tech mag that's monthly but that, in fact, makes my life tougher. Believe it!
I need to track stories for at least 3 weeks before I can publish them and I need to go in depth since I (the mag, that is) will be expected to take a stand. So if there are about 4 new events a day (that's avg) in the tech world, that gives me 4x20=80 stories to track for 3 weeks max. Daily updates and developments (even if once in 3 days) means there's something to the equivalent of 80x3=240 stories for 21 days. That's like writing 11 stories a day. Top that, you daily newspaper guys!

Sample this:

I mean why couldn't Apple just come out and announce they will be lining with Intel and ditching IBM? Why the whole cloak-and-dagger thing? Apparently, they have also been working on a platform for their OS on Intel codenamed 'Marklar'. And then there are these people who have been predicting since 2002 that this will happen. Then there's the Mac fanatic who's crying foul. Then IBM's refusing to comment. Daily papers can handle this one thing daily... I have to follow all of this at the same time. Think I'll wait for it all to happen and then collect info... BAD IDEA. It's never gonna end... next, there will be announcements about developing the Mac OS for Intel's 3.6GHz chip and how the transition from PowerPC to Intel will happen and the roadmap and support announcements and vendors' problems... it's an endless pile of shit! Damn you Steve Jobs. (I still like Mac anyways!)

Dailies have it easy. Write on the slate, clean it up tomorrow and start afresh. Man I miss the daily paper days!! Whatever made me think monthly would be easier... and after having gone thru this for three years already! I think I am a moron.

No, it's just information overload. Weekend... where art thou?

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