Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Of weekends and long weekends

For most employers, a long weekend is productivity lost. But for most employees, it is productivity increased! Trust me. I am an employee!
So it was the 15th of August and flags were hoisted and respect was paid to the freedom fighters (I hope) and one hard boondi laddoo was had by unfortunate school students. What did I do? I spent ten hard earned rupees and bought a flag to be put in the car and slept through the morning.

What else? Like all Indians born since 1947, I have had my share of 6 am flag hoistings when no one can even say the National Anthem right. I also have my reservations against the anthem considering it was a song in honour of the Queen and all that, but generally, I don't believe in making a song and dance about the independence. Don't get me wrong, I truly respect all those who have fought for it and I value it greatly.
Unfortunately, I am living in an era when things are easy for me. Yes, I am accepting it dad, things are easty for us. I never had to walk miles to reach school... I had water when I turned the tap... I believed milk was created in a factory like vegetables... well, not really, but you get the point!
So coming back to my floofy weekend... I slept, ate, attended a puja at home and then ate some more. Came back to Mumbai, wished my Mama (uncle) on his birthday, ate some more and went home to a rather heavy stomach. (In all this, I also watched the agonisingly close 3rd Test between England and Australia, hoping all the time that England won... on India's Independence Day... hmmm).
Let me assure you, though, that I was not the only one 'indifferent' to the fact that it was August 15th. Not so august for me...
In the true 21st century sense of things, I caought 'Swades' on TV, drove back to Mumbai on the new Expressway (my freedom), violated a few traffic rules, saw the tricolour lying around on the ground being trampled... freedom. Bloody joke they have made out of the day.
I have also realised that organisations and offices where the government has minimal or no control never 'celebrate' I-Day. It's a holiday. That's it. This year, though, it was a long weekend. Monday for I-Day is ideal. You have Saturday, Sunday and then Monday. And now, I don't even have to eat those darned laddoos. Yay!
Jai Hind.

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