Monday, August 22, 2005

Aamir Sohail's pearls of wisdom

The plight of cricket and cricketers in his home country of Pakistan notwithstanding, he has chosen to comment on the status of player selection and treatment in India.
Now, we agree there are faults here, but the point he makes sounds like it's a case of sour grapes. He says the media blows them out of proportion before they prove themselves fully. Yes Mr Sohail but that's because our media is not state controlled and they have a mind of their own.
He also points out that corporates scramble to promote them and sign them up for endorsements and pamper them. Ahem. Something you missed during your playing days? Moreover, there are corporates and money to be spent.
Also Mr Sohail, who was the biggest advertiser in Pakistan when India visited? Videocon and Hero Honda—Indian companies.
We can't help it, really... We are like this wonly! Freedom of speech (even if badly used at times) exists as does some money (esp for cricket!)...

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