Tuesday, October 04, 2005

$1 mn or maybe $1.3 mn

Read this and weep! If you are an aspiring writer and have dreamed of such deals, you must read this. This dude - Vikram Chandra (and he's a good writer, mind you!) - has just picked up a $1 million (or $1.3 mn) deal from HarperCollins for his next book. And all this, after a three-way (or was it six?) bidding war. Incredible.
After all this, the book is about love, life, family and the Mumbai underworld... Satya Part 2 or Parinda Part 2? Any which way, it sounds good. I just hope it's not priced at some unbelievable Rs 1,500 or so! Did I mention it's a 1,227 page book? Pre-order for a discount, I suggest!

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